Mary Ann Jacobs, Esq.The Commissioner of Social Security announced that an online version of the Social Security Statement is now available. Eligible workers can go to to access their Social Security earnings and benefits in a secure and convenient way. This online Statement provides workers with estimates for disability and survivors benefits as well as a method to check whether their earnings are accurately posted to their Social Security records. This is a valuable tool to plan for retirement.

To access your online Social Security Statement, you must be at least age 18, have a Social Security number, have a valid email address, and have a U.S. mailing address. In order to pass verification, the person must provide their identifying information and answer security questions. You can then create an account to access your online statements. This account also includes links to other information, such as Medicare, disability and retirement.

People who cannot be verified online initially may visit their local Social Security office and present an identifying document in order to create an account and gain access to the online version of their Social Security Statement.

Social Security continues to mail paper Social Security Statements to workers age 25 and older if they are not already receiving Social Security benefits.